Welcome to the Learning Design Tool

The purpose of the Learning Design Tool (LDT) is to assist you in the process of choosing and developing a learning design for a learning resource which covers a unit of competence, or elements of a unit, in a Training Package. The LDT has been designed for both experienced and non-experienced users.

The Learning Design Tool consists of three main parts

Part A - Begin

Part A contains learning design theories and online learning practice

Part B - Design

Part B enables you to work through each step to develop an online learning design

Part C - Storyboards

Part C demonstrates storyboarding strategies for single users collaborative teams

There are also links to Resources and Templates to download to aid you in creating your learning design.

If you are not sure the best way to use this Tool, rollover a Scenario from these on the right that most closely reflects your own skills, experience or situation.

scenario 1

Scenario 1

Genevieve is an experienced TAFE teacher who has developed her own class notes but has no instructional design experience.
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scenario 2

Scenario 2

Olivia has been an instructional designer for eight years but has only ever worked on print based resources.
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scenario 3

Scenario 3

Ronnie has been a tradie for years and has only recently started teaching. He has no instructional design experience.
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scenario 4

Scenario 4

Rick has been a TAFE teacher for 15 years & has recently been promoted to course coordinator. His responsibility is to help staff embed e-learning in the course delivery so the department meets its KPIs.
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