Choosing the learning design

The Table below provides a guide for determining which of the three learning designs will suit a particular development. Using the table below, a designer can indicate where on the various continua the form of learning setting they are seeking would sit. By scoring the various positions 1-5 as shown, for each of the criteria, an aggregated score is obtained in the range 8-40 which will give an indication of the most appropriate learning design.

Determining which criteria suits your learning design

Your score
Task-directed arrow Task-guided arrow Task-autonomy
Level of outcomeknowledge acquisitionunderstandingproblem-solving
Level of guidancehighmediumlow
Content focusinformationapplicationevaluation
Content applicationproceduralinterpretivecreative
Learner freedomlowmediumhigh
Learning formpractisingchoosingdesigning
Learner preferenceteacher-centredworking with othersstudent-centred
Engagementreading, browsing, watching, describing, reviewingcomparing, planning, questioning, seeking, organisinginvestigating, inquiring, analysing, evaluating, synthesising