Type 3: Task-autonomy

Learning design flowchart

Learner-directed learning design flowchart

Learner-directed learning design flowchart

Learning tasks

A context is set for the learning (eg learner cast as an employee needing to complete a task).

  • Problem/scenario is used to provide a context for the learning.
  • The learner needs to plan a solution process and to implement the process to solve the problem.
  • Strategies and guidelines are suggested but the learner makes the choices as to how to proceed.
  • The problem solution is usually the development of a product or artefact for some purposeful application.
Learning resources

The content and underpinning knowledge are available for the learner to explore at any time. In solving the problem, the learner is able to choose what information will be used and when.

Learning supports

Learners often work in concert with peers, mentors and workplace supervisors.

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