Learning design outcomes

It is important to note that the three learning designs described in this guide are broadly indicative, and the variables and attributes described in each often overlap for sound pedagogical reasons.

The process of choosing a learning design requires the learning designer to look carefully at the attributes associated with the planned learning outcomes and the forms of learning activity most likely to develop these.

There are instances where a high level AQF qualification (eg Diploma or Advanced Diploma) may be best delivered through a learning design based on the task-directed form, rather than the task-autonomy form often associated with the higher level qualifications. Likewise, there are instances when a low level AQF qualification (eg Certificate II) may best be delivered through a task-guided rather than task-directed form. Generally, these kinds of anomalies occur when the content necessitates a particular style of design. For example, a learning resource for accounting or mechanical engineering at a Certificate IV level will often require a high level of direction in the task, because the nature of the content is very step-by-step and process driven. In such cases, the learning designer should look for opportunities to build in the appropriate level of direction versus independence in other areas of the learning design, rather than the task itself, such as in the way that learners interact with the underpinning content and/or resources required for the task.

This guide has presented three discrete forms of learning design, but within each there are overlapping elements. In choosing a form of learning design for a learning resource, it is important to select the form that best suits the intended outcomes but to also recognise that this does not necessarily limit the inclusion of elements from other learning design forms. Once a learning design has been chosen, there are many elements available to the designer from other learning design forms for inclusion in the application of that design.