RPL expressway models

Many learners have prior or existing skills and knowledge that may enable them to receive RPL (recognition of prior learning). This could be at a single unit of competency level, for multiple units or even a whole qualification.

A person’s eligibility for RPL will be assessed by a registered training organisation (RTO), however the learning design should, where possible, incorporate a pathway for RPL.

The RPL pathway must be obvious to the learners when they enter the learning resource or alternatively a sequence of units in the Toolboxes. They will see two pathways: that of following the content and learning activities and that of RPL.

The way in which you incorporate an RPL pathway into your design may differ, depending on the way in which RPL is handled for the qualification, unit and/or industry area your learning design relates to.

The level to which RPL is facilitated within your learning design can also vary, as shown over the next few screens.