RPL models in action

To see the way that RPL has been built in, or integrated with learning design, you can look at some Toolboxes. Generally, RPL is handled at a unit level – so in effect it’s treating each unit as its own learning pathway even though the Toolbox itself may support more than one unit.

CPP07 Satellite City – (12.02): A comprehensive example of the RPL process is provided for each unit of competency covered in this Toolbox

FPI05 Forest and Forest Products – Timber (12.05): A checklist is provided for each unit of competency. Learners can use this document as a starting point for discussion with their provider

HLT07 Health – Indigenous Spiritual Wellbeing (12.03): This Toolbox contains a slide show explaining the RPL process and a downloadable document for users to complete prior to discussing RPL with their provider.

BCG03 BuildRight - Building and Construction (10.01): In the above Employment Consultant Skills and BuildRight Toolboxes, learners are given the option of going through an 'RPL EXPRESS' option for each unit. They are asked an opening question, then given a detailed breakdown of the kind/s of evidence required for RPL, then presented with a range of supporting documents and assessment tools to use for their RPL application.

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