A 'blog' (short for 'weblog') is like an online diary or journal. The owner of the blog makes entries which are then displayed in chronological order. Entries can include text, photos, video, audio, links to other blogs or websites, etc.

Some blogs are kept private, but others are made public and may even allow other people to comment on, or add to the entries.

Microblogging is increasing in popularity. Users write brief messages, usually less than 200 characters, and post them using browser based service or mobile devices.

Service providers Examples Uses in education
Some service providers include: The Edublogger's tips about using web 2.0 technologies

Cathy Moore's making changes

This blog explores podcasting, RSS, and other technologies
  • Learners can gather and present information about a topic – either on a group or individual basis.
  • Regular blog entries could provide opportunities for learners to critically reflect on their understanding.
  • Comments made by other people can provide feedback and potential for further exploration of ideas.
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