A wiki is a type of website that allows users to add, edit or delete content. Content is arranged via a menu with links to any number of pages. Pages can include text, images, audio, hyperlinks, video, etc.

The name comes from the Hawaiian word wiki or wiki-wiki, which means 'quick'. Many wikis are private with access only available to registered users. Other wikis are public. Wikipedia is a well known public wiki.

Service providers Examples Uses in education
Popular wiki providers include: A wiki about web 2.0.

Stonemasonry training in TAFE
  • Wikis created by others, eg Wikipedia, can provide a starting point for research
  • Wikis created and by learners themselves can encourage active learning and knowledge construction.
  • Wikis created by teachers can be used to provide supporting materials for learners.
  • Wikis are perfect for group projects to allow individuals to contribute ideas and build knowledge.
  • Wikis can be used to get learners thinking about the best way to organise, write and structure information.
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