Social networking / sharing

Social networking / sharing services allow users to communicate with one another, store and share media such as photos, video and slideshows online.

Service providers Examples Uses in education
Some media sharing sites: Some social networking sites include: Alex Halavais's 'The Learning Blogosphere' videos are about blogging in education and show how YouTube can be used for teaching and learning:
  • Social networking sites can be useful for 'getting to know you' activities before or during formal program delivery.
  • Learners can create videos and slideshows, individually or in groups, for assessment purposes.
  • Teachers can post presentations, demonstrations, lectures, etc for learners to access at convenient times.
  • Learners can collaborate with one another to develop solutions to problems or strategies for approaching tasks.
  • Learners can use social networks for discussion to explore different points of view.
  • Social networks can be used to introduce 'experts' and mentors to provide advice and vocational expertise.
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