Employability skills

If you are designing a resource that will be used by learners completing a national VET qualification, then you should consider employability skills in your design. Employability skills are a broad range of skills that are not related to a specific job, but still play a significant part in helping individuals be successful in the workplace. The Australian employability skills are:

  • communication that contributes to productive and harmonious relations between employees and customers
  • teamwork that contributes to productive working relationships and outcomes
  • problem solving that contributes to productive outcomes
  • initiative and enterprise that contribute to innovative outcomes
  • planning and organising that contribute to long-term and short-term strategic planning
  • self-management that contributes to employee satisfaction and growth
  • learning that contributes to ongoing improvement and expansion in employee and company operations and outcomes
  • technology that contributes to effective execution of tasks.

For more information on employability skills refer to Employability skills for the future, March 2002.