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Step 1: Define the project scope

Scoping is the process of determining the details of the project and is the ‘blueprint’ throughout the development.

  • It's done before the commencement of work.
  • It is sometimes defined for you and, in other cases, you may need to scope the project yourself.
  • It should guide every element of the design. For example
    • Cost might determine how many multimedia rich interactions you can include.
    • Timelines will dictate how much content is covered or what can be achieved.

Each element in the scope of a project will combine to determine what is possible and practicable in your learning design.

Complete the areas below you wish to include in your final learning design.
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Enter the number of staff/man hours available here.


Enter the due date or number of weeks here.


Describe the size of project here eg. three learning resources Toolbox.


Enter the total budget or allowable man hours here.

or Copy and Paste your document path to indicate the location of your Budget document.


Decide on the following before you get too far and make sure your design can be sustained or whether it may need to be modified:

  • project aim
  • target audience
  • key stakeholders
  • staffing
  • timeline
  • size
  • budget
  • technical capabilities.