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Step 4: Determine the method of assessment

Will your design include an assessment? Are there any you could already adapt? Assessment is not always included in a learning resource and will depend on the size and purpose of the resource. It is important to determine:

  • whether assessment is to be included
  • if so, what kind of assessment - informal/formal, formative/summative etc.

Learners must be made aware of and clear about any assessment included in the design, preferably up front.

Complete the areas below you wish to include in your final learning design.
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Assessment strategy

Describe overall assessment strategy here.

Assessment tasks


Even if assessment is not included, an online learning design should always provide feedback for the learner. Depending on your learning design, assessment items may include:

  1. immediate feedback available automatically to the learner at various points throughout the resource, such as a quiz or interactive test
  2. more complex summative, holistic assessment at cumulative points in the learning design, such as a problem to solve or project to complete and which may need guidance from the facilitator
  3. an opportunity for learners to self assess to determine what, if any of the learning resource they need to complete before seeking more formal assessment or RPL from their facilitator, such as an RPL expressway.
  • Summative assessment aims to summarise a student's learning up to that point in time. It's assessment of learning.
  • Formative assessment aims to be used as feedback to adapt any further teaching to the student's needs. It's assessment for learning.