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Step 7: Micro planning the learning sequence

Whilst some of this planning may have already occurred, especially for a larger resource development project, such as a website or CD, in step 5, it is at this stage that you’ll take a closer look at each of the individual learning resource which encompass the overall design.

How will the features you selected in Step 6 work together to create a meaningful learning sequence?

Design features

Complete the areas below you wish to include in your final learning design.
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Create or modify learning sequence flowchart

You will need to use flowchart software to create or modify this flowchart.

When you have completed it, Copy and Paste your file path to indicate the location of your flowchart.

File Path:


Try creating a map or flowchart indicating how and where the features you selected will fit in the learning resource(s). Again, remember to consider the learning design type you have selected.