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Step 8: Select interactions

Whilst you may have had some ideas about interactions and applications in the initial planning steps of the design process, it is at this stage that you need to consolidate these ideas and determine where they fit into your now detailed plans.

In the VET sector, applications that can simulate workplace tasks are powerful teaching and learning tools, however, your choices may be limited by:

  • expertise
  • cost
  • time
  • available software.

Select the interactions you may want to include in your design.
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Analysing existing resources on the internet is a good reference point when you are looking for ideas about multimedia applications. Look at the resources available in LORN and Toolboxes.

Revisit Web 2.0 Technologies for more.
Existing reusable applications, such as ARED or any in-house design tools
Online debate
Threaded discussion
Bulletin board
Sharing via graphics – Flickr/Slideshare
Text messaging
Research including web quests
Online search
Role play
Video demonstration
Interactive panorama
Collaborative projects
Portfolio development and peer review
Email games

ARED is a Framework e-learning development tool designed to allow teachers and trainers with little more than basic computer skills to easily build their own e-learning resources. It is available at:


What multimedia applications, activities could be included in your learning design? Remember to consider your target audience – their preferred learning styles, literacy, numeracy and computer skills.