The style and format will need to be negotiated between the multimedia developer/s and the learning designer. However, most storyboards have the same features in common.

Header Includes details about the team, name of the project, unit / pathway / or learning resource name, date, personnel.
Page number The number (sequence) of the screen.
Content Text to be placed on each screen.
Instructions Guidelines to various personnel in the development team about how to treat the content.
Personnel responsible Who is responsible for each of the instructions.
Application name / description Details of what multimedia application is required on each screen.
Application content Explicit content to be placed in the application and instructions about where, in the learning resource, this content goes.
Images, audio, video required Either details of multimedia required or location of the file for existing multimedia.
Opportunity for feedback Dates, including time for feedback from various personnel about the initial storyboard plan.
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