Project teams

The following are team members you might work with on a learning resource who will need to access and use the storyboard you write. Depending on your team's size and make-up, some of these roles will be carried out by one person, so you'll need to adjust your storyboard to suit.

Learning designer Collaborates with content expert to initiate storyboard, works with team on design and development.
Project manager Checks the storyboard, does quality assurance (QA) edit on the content and instructional design, advises the team that storyboard is 'ready for designer' - sometimes there may be an editor involved at this stage, who does a full proofread/edit on the content with any changes going back to the content expert/learning designer to address.
Graphic designer Establishes look/feel of the learning resource and does all illustrations, graphics etc as required in the storyboard.
Multimedia developer Undertakes programming etc required to 'build' the learning resource as per the storyboard.
Desktop publisher Carries out any work required for print-based resources eg Word documents etc used within the learning resource.
Audio-visual producer Produces and develops any audio or video components required in the learning resource as per the storyboard.