Case Study

Here's how one team works:

"Our process is basically that each team member does an initial 'skim' of the storyboard to read through the content and get a 'feel' for what the learning resource (or task/activity etc) is all about. They then look for the instructions from the learning designer that are within the storyboard - these are colour-coded for each person eg pink for learning designer (DEV), green for graphic designer (GD), blue for desktop publisher (DTP) etc. GD - looks for instructions re illustrations, colours required, styles eg heading 1/2, rollover states etc that require a colour scheme, checks specs/info re required sizes etc, DEV - identifies content for HTML development, checks for any programming requirements (eg javascript, flash etc) - everybody looks for their part in there. The storyboard needs to be very detailed and specific and serves as a 'master plan' for the whole team to follow."


All teams have their own approach to storyboards. The following are sample storyboards showing the styles often used by development teams.