Another form of storyboarding is a wireframe. This is a thumbnail or a visual representation of that might be contained on the screen. It is used more for demonstrating how the structure and navigation work in a learning resource and usually doesn't contain detailed content.

Wireframes are often used for:

  • initial planning
  • presentation of concepts
  • selection of a prototype from a range of concepts
  • communicating with clients and stakeholders
  • planning sequencing and navigation
  • directing team members about where content should be provided
  • identifying any artwork or media required

Wireframes can range from simple structural drawings of the site to a high-fidelity simulation of the navigation, which has movements, functional links and complex interactions. Software is available to produce wireframes easily and efficiently, such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

For additional examples and information about wireframes visit Fat Purple.