How to develop storyboards

To develop your own storyboard, follow the steps below. They can be customised to suit you and your development team.

  1. Talk to all of your team members to find out if there's a preferred storyboard style already in place.
  2. Develop a header which identifies your project. If multiple learning resources are to be developed, you should devise a method of distinguishing them via a numbering system or a regime of headings. Remember to also apply a page numbering system to this.
  3. Determine the personnel, roles and responsibilities on your team.
  4. Allocate a code for providing instruction for each team member in your storyboard. This could be colour, codes, initial etc.
  5. Decide how this information will be presented - table, series of flowcharts, thumbnail sketches, wireframes.
  6. Trial the storyboard on one small learning sequence to make sure you are comfortable with it and all team members are clear on what is required.
  7. Make necessary changes to the storyboard as a result of trial.
  8. Get started! And remember a strategy for version control so that all team members are working on the right version of the storyboard.